Nugent: Was He About To Be Wang Danged?

Gun-toting guitarist Ted Nugent raised a few eyebrows Tuesday night when he prevented his fans from bringing their guns to his show at  the Berglund Performing Arts Theater in Roanoke, Virginia.

The venue is owned by the city and, because it's public property, is not allowed to ban guns unless a performer requests it. And about five minutes before the doors opened, that's exactly what Nugent's camp did.

Theater general manager Robyn Schon told NBC, "We had a security meeting before we opened doors and the subject came up and we said, 'Yes people will be bringing firearms.'" She then said that Nugent's team said, 'No, our agreement says no.'"

There is no word on if there was a threat made against Nugent, who is not one to bite his tongue when it comes to liberals, those who are against the right to bear arms, and his support for President Trump. Nugent sits on the board of the National Rifle Association.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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