Sammy Hagar Talks New Album

Sammy Hagar has given a little more insight into the first album -- a concept record -- he's recording with The Circle.

Sammy Hagar

He tells the San Jose Mercury News, "Right now, I am calling it Hey Hey Hey because I say that in two songs -- the first song and the last song. It’s about the world monetary system. It’s about crooks and it’s about good people and it’s about the Devil and it’s about God. It ends up it’s about greed. Greed makes people do weird stuff -- it makes you hurt other people, take advantage of someone, it makes a war. It almost all has to do with greed.

Sammy insists that money and greed aren't the same thing. "Everyone thinks, 'Hmm, money is the root of all evil.' But, really, without greed, money is a beautiful thing -- you can change the world, you can buy happiness, you can heal the sick, feed the poor, you can stop a war."

And, as one of the richest musicians in the world, he would know.

The album, with whatever the title ends up being, will be released early next year.

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