AC/DC: Reporter Done Dirt Cheap?

Steve Newton, a reporter who has been covering AC/DC since 1982, is now persona non grata with the band.

After breaking the story this month that they're recording in Vancouver with Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd, he says he's been made aware that they are not pleased with his reports.

Newton says

I've heard from a few sources that one of my fave all-time bands, AC/DC, isn't too thrilled that I got the word out that they'd been spotted at a recording facility in Vancouver.

Yeah, I guess they could quit goin' out for ciggies on the deck at Warehouse Studio in Gastown... But they could also quit walkin' around downtown Vancouver, which is where drummer Phil Rudd and rhythm guitarist Stevie Young were first spotted back on August 1st...

Hey, it's not my fault that whenever somebody sees AC/DC on the street, they automatically think: 'Wow, this is big news! I'd better tell the Newt!'

And what am I supposed to do with a juicy tidbit like that, seeing that I've been writing about my fave all-time bands since 1982? Keep it to myself? Wait until some other bozo breaks the news? What would TMZ do?

Anyway, the word is out now. I made the call and went for it. And if I ticked off AC/DC, I'm not happy about that. If they are pissed at me, I guess I can forget about any future interviews.

AC/DC is a very private band and is not commenting on any of this.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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