Little Steven: Make America Drain Again!

Steve Van Zandt feels that the predicted flooding from Hurricane Florence, as well as floods from other storms, could be avoided.

He tweets, “Drainage: The Final Frontier! Let’s hope whoever rebuilds our infrastructure takes drainage into consideration. We are pathetic in this. Just a few inches of rain creates flooding. We are woefully unprepared for hurricanes. It’s a government’s first job to anticipate problems.”

Van Zandt backs up his argument by comparing the U.S. to Europe.

“I spent six months a year in Norway for three years [filming his Netflix show, Lilyhammer]. Six to 12 feet of snow and the airport never closed. No cars stranded. A river of water coming off the mountains year round? No problem. [I’ve been] touring Europe for 30 years and have never seen a flood anywhere. How about make America drain again!”

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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