Welcome To The Jungle, Just Keep It Down!

A wildlife group has asked Guns n' Roses to consider moving their show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 14th due to its impact on a nearby zoo.

Rome Bioparco Opens A New Area For Orangutans

The show is at the Sunway Lagoon, which is only a few hundred feet away from the Sunway Wildlife Zoo. Classic Rock reports that the director of Friends of the Orangutans E-mailed GNR’s manager Fernando Lebeis, “Though most animals -- not all  -- are behind the stage, has the promoter of the show provided evidence from a independent wildlife expert to prove that the show will have zero impact on all of the zoo animals? Will all the animals be completely oblivious to sounds coming from the speakers?”

The director suggested a different venue, writing, “Metallica performed in Kuala Lumpur, reportedly before 30,000 fans, in 2013 at [Stadium Merdeka], only about 16 kilometers away from Sunway Lagoon

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