Bohemian Video Director Wants To Get Paid!

With the Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody just a couple of days from hitting theaters, it's no surprise that its brought out stories of people wanting their piece of the action.


Bruce Gowers, who directed the iconic video for the song, tells London's Daily Mail that he's considering filing suit to get royalties from the clip. He was paid about $1140 for the four-hour shoot in 1975. Gowers says he saw Queen and Adam Lambert use the video in concert back in 2017 and argues, “They’ve been using my video for 40 years and they’ve never paid me a dime. I could potentially take legal action now. It is used every time they perform onstage and I get nothing.”

Gowers admits that he never signed a contract that would pay him royalties. "At that time it was a new world. I didn’t think anyone was that into it for making money. It was a thrill to work with Queen, to do a music video and see it played on television, and I think a lot of other young directors who came after me felt the same. I feel they have been taken advantage of by the whole industry.”

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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