REO Speedwagon Surprised At Bohemian Mention

REO Speedwagon keyboardist Neal Doughty found an unexpected surprise when he saw Bohemian Rhapsody over the weekend.

His band was namechecked in the world's most popular new movie.

Doughty tells Billboard about the scene: "They're talking to Queen about playing Live Aid, and our name gets mentioned!... They're going, 'Paul McCartney's gonna be there and Elton John and The Who and REO Speedwagon.'"

The REO founding member says he "had no idea we were mentioned in the movie. I'm going, 'Boy, they sure put us in some good company with that...' We've been in some bad movies, but never one that was number-one like this."

REO Speedwagon accepted the invitation and performed in the Philadelphia portion of Live Aid, while Queen's set at London’s' Wembley Stadium remains one of rock's legendary moments.

Already a fan of Rami Malek from Mister Robot, Doughty has nothing but praise for the Los Angeles-born actor. "He just does an amazing job, the movements and the posture and everything,... He really has Freddie Mercury down."

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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