Mott The Hoople To Tour States?

One of my favorite rock bands from the "Glam" era may be returning to the states! After brief reunion tours in England in 2009 and 2013, and of England, Sweden and Spain this past summer, what's left of Mott the Hoople may tack on U.S. dates to the six they've scheduled for the U.K. in April.

Frontman Ian Hunter says, "We’re looking at offers from Boston, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philly and New York. If we can make these work financially and routing wise, we will let you know. If it’s going to happen, it will be early April 2019."

The 2009 tour featured the original lineup. 2013 was minus drummer Dale "Buffin" Griffin, who was ill and has since passed. This year's tour was without guitarist Mick Ralphs, who suffered a stroke, and bassist Pete "Overend" Watts, who also died.

Joining Hunter and his solo band are two members from later Mott lineups -- guitarist Ariel Bender and keyboardist Morgan Fisher.

Asked if he could ever "envision an Ian Hunter - Mott the Hoople hologram tour in 2038, Hunter said, "We’re already doing it -- you can’t tell the difference!"

Mott have not toured America since the mid-'70s.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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