The Boss Opens Up

Bruce Springsteen is on the cover of the new issue of Esquire. It contains an insightful interview that examines his mental health issues and his relationship with his father, two topics that he discusses nightly at his Springsteen on Broadway show.

Asked to "define the qualities that make up a good man today," Bruce says, “I do have two good men. And I would say their qualities are, they’re sensitive. They’re respectful of others. They are not locked into a 1950s sensibility of manhood, which I had to contend with. Consequently, their attitudes toward women and the world are free of those archetypes, and that frees them to be who they are and have deeper and more meaningful relationships. They know themselves pretty well, which is something I can’t say for myself when I was that age. They know — and can show — love. And they know how to receive love."

Bruce wraps up his Broadway show on December 15th.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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