The Who Have A New Album And Tour On The Way

Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend will take The Who back out on the road this year for an orchestral tour.

No dates have been announced yet, but Townshend told Rolling Stone that the 31 shows will be split into two legs, with the first leg kicking off in April in New York and a second in September and October.

The tour was inspired by Daltrey's tour of playing Tommy with symphonies last summer. He says, “I’ll be 75 years old in March and this feels like a dignified way to go and do music. That’s all we’re really left with. We’re old men now. We’ve lost the looks. We’ve lost the glamour. What we’re left with is the music and we’re going to present it in a way which is as fresh and powerful as ever.”

Daltrey also says this could be the end.

“I think it is always a mistake to ever say ‘farewell,’ but this will possibly be my last tour. I’m just being realistic about going through the 75th year of my life. I have to be realistic that this is the age I am and voices start to go after a while. I don’t want to be not as good as I was two years ago.”

And Townshend says his condition for doing the tour is that they'd have a new album to go with it. He has 15 demos done with the hope that Daltrey will record vocals around rehearsals and time off between legs of the tour. Townshend told the promoters he wouldn't sign on unless they released some new material. "This has nothing to do with wanting a hit album. It has nothing to do with the fact that The Who need a new album. It’s purely personal. It’s about my pride, my sense of self-worth and self-dignity as a writer.”

The Who's last album was 2006's Endless Wire.

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