Eddie Van Halen Talks Golf

Eddie Van Halen is featured in the February issue Golf magazine, but of course, there's no mention of Van Halen.

He admits he's not a good golfer, and that putting is the worst part of his game. He says, "[My brother] Alex and I used to play pitch and putt, but it wasn't really about golf. It was about that ice chest full of beer. It was just fun to go out there and whack the ball and drink beers. But he gave it up."

He says his golf buddy is still comedic actor George Lopez. Eddie also says he likes to play bumper cars with the golf carts.

He plays at the Lakeside Country Club in Burbank, and says it was actor Joe Pesci who convinced the club to allow him to become a member 30 years ago -- after he was turned down because of his long hair.

Eddie had to cut the interview short due to a coyote in his backyard.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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