New Who: Day Three

Pete Townshend continues to write a blog and keep a video blog on the recording sessions for The Who 's first studio album in 13 years.


On Tuesday, following the third day of sessions, Pete complained that one of the biggest challenges he faces is how to ensure that the album piques the interest of Who fans and of Joe Q Public. He jokes, "They say now that most people only listen to the first two to five seconds of a track online before they move on. It has to connect very quickly. So one way to connect is to use an old sample of something everyone already knows. So every one of the tracks on the next album starts with the guitar from ‘Pinball Wizard.'"

But more seriously, he says, "Trying to make a record that sounds the way a Who album should, and yet be sharp enough to catch the attention of someone surfing through a bunch of songs online, is a challenge... I remember when single record songs were two minutes long, and we are sort of back to that again... We can always do our rock operas if we wish, but people will only hear them properly if they come to a concert or watch them on TV... The old 'teenie-bopper' power that helped make The Beatles so huge has come around again. Great music, but also the Mop-Tops were also beautiful boys back then."

This will be The Who's first album since Endless Wire in 2006.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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