Nikki Sixx Shares TMI About New Child

Nikki Sixx goes into some uncomfortable detail when talking about having a baby with his wife Courtney Bingham.

Sixx had a vasectomy over a decade ago after getting divorced from his second wife, Donna D'Errico. He tells that he underwent a sperm-retrieval procedure so he and Bingham could use artificial insemination to conceive the child. He says, "They just had to take it out of me -- that's no party getting your [testicles] cut open. Getting your [testicles] cut open is like being in Motley Crue in 1987. It's the same feeling. But now she's pregnant, and we're super excited."

Bingham is due with a baby girl in the late spring. It will be the fifth child for Sixx.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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