Vince Neil Says Motley Crue Is Still Together As A Band

Vince Neil has a message for Motley Crue fans that backs up a theory of mine -- just because they no longer tour doesn't mean they don't exist.

Speaking with Finland's Kaaos TV, the singer maintained that they're still doing things with the band. "We're still gonna put out music, we're still gonna put out merchandise, we're still gonna do things as Motley Crue -- except for tour. That's really it."

Commenting on the band's movie, The Dirt, which comes to Netflix on March 22nd, Neil said that it, too, has nothing to do with touring and that they won't do any of it to support the flick. He said he's "pleasantly surprised" with The Dirt, though: "You can make really bad films very easily, but after the first 10 minutes of watching the movie, I forgot it was about us and I just was enjoying a really good film."

My hunch is that some time in the not too distant future you will see Motley Crue do a Vegas residency. The famous contract they signed after their farewell tour was an agreement to not tour. It says absolutely bupkis about not performing as Motley Crue.

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

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