Stray Cats At 40

The Stray Cats offer an unusual perspective on their latest album, 40.

Drummer Slim Jim Phantom muses, "More time has passed between, say, 'Rock This Town' to now, than there was between 'Heartbreak Hotel' and 'Rock This Town.' We’re like the new oldies. I don’t want to say I was freaked out, I was just surprised when I figured out the math. I’m just happy that we started when we were young."

The years move on, but the band's philosophy hasn't. In an era when artists take a year or more to finish an album, 40 was completed in a couple of weeks. Bassist Lee Rocker recalls they did their first album in "11 days... This record was probably a couple of more days than that but not many."

Frontman Brian Setzer wraps it up, "Our philosophy [has always been] vintage meets modern. And it’s the real deal. There’s no trickery, no smoke and mirrors here. And we had a blast doing it. It has that energy and excitement, and I think that’s very much like the first record. It feels new again after this much time."

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