Best NFL Supersticious Rituals

According to ESPN and football beat reporters around the country, here are some of the best rituals and superstitions of NFL players:

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  • ·Jake Elliott -- Philadelphia Eagles kicker -- has a slice each of pizza and cheesecake before each game because he thinks it gives him good luck.
  • ·John Johnson -- Los Angeles Rams safety -- soaks in the bathtub between 15 and 30 minutes before each game, depending on how long it takes for him to “wrinkle up.”
  • ·Harrison Smith -- Minnesota Vikings safety -- enjoys a pre-game meal of a cup of coffee, half of a plain bagel and a shot of Tabasco to wake him up.
  • ·Frank Gore -- Buffalo Bills running back -- has to listen to “Bad” and “Man in the Mirror,” both by Michael Jackson, before he takes the field.
  • ·Taybor Pepper -- Miami Dolphins long-snapper -- has to cut his fingernails exactly two days before every game, thinking that this gives him the best grip on the ball.
  • ·Benardrick McKinney -- Houston Texans linebacker -- has to put everything on left first. Left sock before the right sock. Left shoe before the right shoe. If not, he thinks it's bad luck.
  • ·Chris Jones -- Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle -- wears the same gloves every game, even though the smell like a “dead animal.”

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