Black Crowes Might Be Getting Band Back Together

I’m a big Black Crowes fan. But I’ve only seen them in concert once when they played the Fox Theater here a few years ago. But that show almost made a lot of folks in the audience non fans. The Crowes played almost two and a half hours withoutplaying any of their radio hits. Then they took a break, after which they played more of their deep cuts. I was diggin’ it, but I had to get up for work early the next day and left before I got to hear “Remedy” played live.I was surprised when I heard the band broke up. I just assumed that long assed concert I attended was still going on.


Is a Black Crowes reunion in the cards for next year?

The Wall Street Journal reports that brothers Chris and Rich Robinson might be patching things up in time to mark 30 years since the band's debut album. Drummer and co-founder Steve Gorman, who just wrote a book about his time in the band, tells the Journal that he's heard from a few music industry colleagues that the brothers are reuniting but that he hasn’t been asked to join as “they are going to move forward with new people."

Former manager Pete Angelus, who worked with the the group for 25 years, says, “I’m aware of the deal that the brothers made with Live Nation for a 2020 tour," but Live Nation says it doesn't have any info about a deal.

The Crowes split up in 2014 after Rich accused Chris of trying to take a greater share of the band's income.

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