Chris Jericho Wants Metallica At The Super Bowl

Chris Jericho of Fozzy believes that the NFL needs to have Metallica play at the Super Bowl some year.

The singer and wrestler told a Boston radio station that he asked Lars Ulrich if they'd ever been approached to perform, and the drummer told him they'd only been asked to do a pre-Super Bowl party one year when the game was just outside San Francisco.

Jericho feels that it's a joke Metallica hasn't been asked considering how much of the band's music is part of the NFL experience. "They play Metallica during the game more than anybody else. It's 'Seek and Destroy,' it's 'Enter Sandman,' it's 'Sad But True' -- it's, like, over and over and over again. So they're good enough to play in between plays, but not good enough to do the Super Bowl?!"

I agree with Chris Jericho 100%! What's your take?

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