Dave Grohl Says Foo Fighters Dad Rock

Dave Grohl says he's never thought of Foo Fighters as being cool.

On the Good for You With Whitney Cummings podcast, Grohl said he's used to journalists calling their kind of music "obsolete... You know the whole dad rock thing? We're totally dad rock." Cummings tried to shoot down that idea, but Grohl explained, "First of all, we are all dads, and you're right, we're a rock band... Look, I'm 50 years old, I have grey hair. But you know, the thing is, I have never considered our band cool, and I like that."

But Grohl acknowledges that it's not just his age. "I think that the reason why we're still here is because we do kind of disconnect ourselves from the popular stuff that's going on, but also because, what the f*** do we care? I just want to play music."

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