Dave Mustaine Speaks

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth gave his first interview since his cancer diagnosis to Rolling Stone.

He says he's not officially in remission but that his doctors are "freaking out over how well I’ve healed" and that he's now doing rehab so he can start singing to get ready for a European tour with Five Finger Death Punch that starts in late January. Other things he reveals in the interview:

James Hetfield of Metallica is one of the first people who reached out to him: "I was so, so happy to hear from him. Contrary to what anybody says and contrary to any of the act that we put on, I love James and I know that James loves me and cares about me. You can see that when the moment of truth is here and I’m telling the world that I’ve got a life-threatening disease. Who comes to stand next to me? James."

Two other famous people reached out: "I got a text message from Ozzy, and one from Paul Stanley. It was great to get one from Ozzy; I didn’t expect it from Paul Stanley. That was super bitchin’ because in the beginning, when KISS first came out, I was just a kid and I loved them."

He got some advice from another person who's had cancer at the base of their tongue: "I spoke with Bruce from Iron Maiden, and he said when he had his disease, after his treatment was done, he was told that he needed between three to six months of rest. He said to me that he didn’t listen and had a little bit of trouble, so then he realized he needed to listen. So he did and his voice came back stronger than ever. I care so much about Bruce; he was another really supportive brother to me during this whole thing. He explained to me how he did it, and it really helped."

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