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Next Wednesday night is the LAST Valley Cycle Bike Night of 2013! Our jackpot will be $13,000 in Valley Cycle Bucks to be spent however you want at Valley Cycle & Motorsports. 

If we DON'T give away the jackpot next Wednesday, EVERYBODY that has rolled the dice this year will be invited to a big party at Valley Cycle & Motorsports on Saturday, October 12! 

That day, one lucky person will win the jackpot! All of it! $13,000! 

Here's the kicker: If you've rolled the dice multiple times this year, you'll have more chances to win! 

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. 

We still have one more Valley Cycle Bike Night to go! Next Wednesday night! 

Let's make the last Valley Cycle Bike Night the biggest one ever! 

See you next Wednesday at 6:30 at Chuy's on Rosedale highway!