Back in the day when I was a young Rock Fan growing up in the Midwest, one of my favorite songs that would come on the radio was Head East's "Never Been Any Reason".

Since then, Head East has been keeping a low profile...until now.

Head East is back with a new CD "Raise A Little Hell" which will be released May 14.

Autographed copies of "Raise A Little Hell" can be pre-ordered through the Newbury Comics website.

All CDs will include an 8-page booklet.

However, Newbury Comics is currently the only retailer who will include autographed copies of the booklet with the CD.

There will be a limited amount of CDs with autographed booklets for sale.

Only about 300 will be available on a first come first serve basis.

So if you're a Head Fast fan, get one while they last.