Whoever said you can't mix Rock n Roll and Sports was dead wrong.

And Gene Simmons, founder of soon to be Rock n Roll Hall of Fame band KISS, would be the first to tell the doubters that.

Recently, KISS have become co-owners of a new Arena Football team in Los Angeles and will lend their logos and likenesses to the team for marketing and promotion.

And now that KISS has moved into the world of L.A. sports they are taking their act on the road to historical Dodger Stadium to perform at a history making event.

On January 25th, KISS will perform at Dodger Stadium as part of the the first outdoor National Hockey League game in L.A. with the L.A. Kings taking on the Anaheim Ducks.

Gene said that the reasoning behind this was that L.A. is the permier hub for sports and entertainment and that they are honored to team up Rock with Jocks.

So KISS will play, along with a full line up of performers to be announced, during the pre game festivities and during the first intermission of the game which will be broadcast live at 6:30 pm on NBCSN. 

Now lets just hope that the explosive fire ball belching pyrotechnics that KISS uses during their concerts doesn't melt the hockey rink ice.