Here it is...the Final SB XLVIII Edition of MFFP!

Since I already gave a preview breakdown of The Big Game last Friday I will dedicate this edition of MFFP to The Top 10 SB Fun Facts then make my Final Montana's Fearless Football Prediction on who will win including the score.


Fun Fact #10: There wil be an estimated 325.5 million gallons of beer drunk by American Football Fans on Super Sunday.

Fun Fact #9: One of the biggest upsets in SB History was SB IV (which I watched on TV) as my 12 point underdog Kansas City Chiefs upset the Minnesota Vikings 23-7.

Fun Fact #8: Even though there have been some notable upsets don't bet on it. The Vegas favorite has won 9 of the last 15 Big Games.

Fun Fact #7: Also don't bet on the opening coin toss winner winning The Big Game. The coin toss winner has lost the last 11 of 18 Big Games.

Fun Fact #6: Most fans don't know that the Seahawks used to be in the same division as the Broncos in the AFC West, but are now in the NFC West and that the NFC West is 2-1 against the AFC West as the 49ers won twice and the Broncos once.

Fun Fact #5: Winners of the 22 Super Bowl MVP's have gone on to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, which could bode well for Peyton Manning if he wins it.

Fun Fact #4: Teams that trail by double digits during The Big Game are 2-41 overall. The only 2 teams to come back and win were the Redskins in SB XXII & the Saints in XLVI when they beat Peyton & the Colts.

Fun Fact #3: Speaking of Peyton, he will be the second oldest QB in SB History at age 37. The oldest QB? Peyton's Boss John Elway at 38.

Fun Fact #2: The Broncos lead their all time series vs the Seahawks 34-18 with the Seahawks only beating the Broncos once in postseason way back in 1983.

Fun Fact #1: A lot of marijuana fans are calling this The Bud Bowl because their respective states have legalized weed and the coin toss will be done at...when else... 4:20p Rocky Mountain High Time. (cough cough)

Ok... enough of the's my Final MFFP of the season....

Denver Broncos win: 31 -28!  (ouch that hurt)