Just when you thought you knew everything you needed to know about KISS comes a new book, written by the God of Thunder himself.

"Nothin' To Lose: The Making Of KISS (1972-1975)", a new book written by Gene Simmons and author Ken Sharp, will be published this summer.

The book focuses on the formative years of KISS, that climaxed with the groundbreaking success of their classic 1975 album, "Alive!", and the smash single "Rock and Roll All Nite".

The hardcover book is huge with 544 pages and is based on more than 200 interviews, offering a insider account of KISS' humble beginnings, charting the struggles as well as the sucesses that brought KISS to superstardom.

It also includes original interviews with original band members Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, as well as producers, engineers, management, roadies, costume and stage designers and members of the KISS Army.

Look for it to be released in August.