The Dio fan fave album "Magica" has been out of print for years and has become hard to find.

But don't fear Dio fans because "Magica" will be getting a makeover and will be re-released on June 25th as a 2 CD "Magica Deluxe Edition."

Included in the double CD set will be deluxe packaging and a deluxe booklet which will include the original Magica tour dates and a set list, as well as bonus inserts including the Magica Story and a Dio postcard.

CD 1 will contain the full album:

1. Discovery
2. Magica Theme
3. Lord Of The Last Day
4. Fever Dreams
5. Turn To Stone
6. Feed My Head
7. Eriel
8. Challis
9. As Long As It's Not About Love
10. Losing My Insanity
11. Otherworld
12. Magica- Reprise
13. Lord Of The Last Day – Reprise

CD 2 will include:

1. The Magica Story 
2. Annica 
3. Electra 

4. Feed My Head 
5. Fever Dreams 
6. Turn To Stone 
7. Lord Of The Last Day 
8. As Long as It's Not about Love 
9. Losing My Insanity