Fake-A-Palooza 4: FAQs

A few of the questions we've received re 98.5 The Fox Fak-A-Palooza 4 regarding our new venue at Stramler Park...

Lawn chairs? YES! 

Pop ups, tents, beach shelters? No.

Coolers and outside beverages/food. No.

Cameras? Cam-phones, consumer cameras, yes. Pro gear, no. Drones? Uh uh.

Service animals? Yes, unless your service animal is an alpaca, hippo, or snake etc, then no.

Beer and food? Yes! There will be many food and beer vendors.

Guns and knives? What?! Are you mental?! NO!

Jet packs? What?! NO!

Hookers and assorted associated riff raff? Nope!

Indentured help? Uh uh.

Drugs? What do ya got...just kidding no ILLEGAL drugs!

Smoking? In designated areas only. 

How do I locate designated smoking areas? Look for the people smoking!

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