'Super Snow Moon' Will Be The Biggest And Brightest Full Moon Of 2019

A plane flies past the super moon in Los Angeles,

Stargazers will be in for a special treat on Tuesday (February 19) night when the moon will be closest in its orbit to Earth. The "Super Snow Moon" is the second of three super moons that kick off 2019.

According to Space.com, the moon will appear about ten percent larger than average because it will be 221,681 miles from Earth. The moon will reach its closest point to Earth at 10:53 a.m. ET and will still appear full by nighttime.

The first super moon of the year, nicknamed the "Super Blood Wolf Moon," occurred on January 20th and coincided with a lunar eclipse. If you are unable to witness the "Super Snow Moon" on Tuesday night, you will have another chance on March 19th, though the moon will not appear as big or as bright because it will be further from the Earth.

Photo: Getty Images


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