Why Wasn't Izzy Stradlin Involved in Guns N' Roses' Reunion?

Guns N' Roses' bass player Duff McKagan says that Izzy Stradlin was originally supposed to be in the lineup for the group's reunion tour, but it didn't happen because of issues on Stradlin's end.

Speaking with Classic Rock magazine, McKagan explained the situation.

"I don't know what the actual truth is," he said in the interview. "We definitely wanted him to do it, and I think he entertained the thought, but he never came down and rehearsed. We had amps for him, ready to go. The first month of rehearsal went by... nothing. The second month of rehearsal came by, and we're talking to him: 'We're getting close, Iz.' The third month of rehearsal went by... nothing. I guess he just didn't want to tour this big and for so long."

XO -Anne Erickson

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