Here Are the Top Rock and Metal Acts in 2019

Pollstar has just published two Top 100 lists -- one for the top grossing worldwide tours and the other for the top grossing North American tours.

So, how does rock and metal rate? Very well!

For the Pollstar 2019 Midyear Worldwide Tours, Metallica came in at No. 4 ($69.7 million), KISS at No. 7 ($58.1 million) and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra ($57.3 million) at No. 8.

For the Pollstar 2019 Midyear North American Tours, KISS is No. 5 ($58.1 million), the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is No. 6 ($57.3 million) and Metallica is No. 12 ($41.7 million).

Check out information on both lists via Pollstar here. XO -Anne Erickson

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