David Lee Roth on Van Halen Brothers: 'We Have Always Hated Each Other'

In a new interview with the "WTF with Marc Maron" podcast, David Lee Roth says - cringe! - that he and the Van Halen brothers have "always hated each other."

At the same time, he says that major tension between band members has been key to Van Halen's success.

When asked about his relationship with Eddie and Alex Van Halen, he told Marc, “We have always hated each other, right up until the last phone call.”

He added, "There were always creative differences. We’ve never gotten along. We started in rival bands. Bitter rivals. But we were thrown together and it was amazing."

He then compares the relationship to someone's "favorite jeans" that are "ruined and full of holes." He says that what you love about those jeans are the most messed up parts. Truth!

Check out the interview here. XO -Anne Erickson

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