Clapton's Crossroads Warm Ups Start Tonight In Frisco

Eric Clapton’s three warm-up shows for the Crossroads Guitar Festival are tonight in San Francisco, Friday in Las Vegas and Saturday in Phoenix. The festival itself is September 20th and 21st in Dallas.

Eric Clapton Performs At The Forum

Clapton‘s sixth Crossroads Guitar Festival will be simulcast to a network of live music venues, bars and restaurants across the country. Go to to see if there’s one near you. It's also available on Pay-Per-View. Clapton’s guests will include Joe Walsh, Jeff Beck, Los Lobos, Jimmie Vaughan, Peter Frampton, Bonnie Raitt and Billy Gibbons.

Clapton, Carlos Santana and John Mayer, in conjunction with the Guitar Center, each have custom guitars on the way. The launch of the collection, based on pivotal points of their careers, coincides with Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival.

Clapton has recreated three -- his Blind Faith Fender Telecaster; Gibson 1964 Firebird 1; and a Martin acoustic. And, they don't come cheap. The list price for the Fender is $12,000; the Gibson will go for $8,000; and the Martin is priced at $13,000.

Carlos Santana, in conjunction with Paul Reed Smith, has come up with the PRS Private Stock Carlos Santana Crossroads. The original guitar was privately gifted to Carlos in the early '80s and it's still one he owns and uses. This custom model will set you back $12,000.

And Mayer, who like Carlos is no stranger to Clapton's Crossroads Festival has recreated his Martin acoustic and even signed the letter of authenticity. It will sell for $10,000.

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