Philip Anselmo Open to Pantera Tribute Shows with Zakk Wylde and Rex Brown

With Vinnie Paul sadly gone, it seems a bit late for this, but Philip Anselmo says if given the chance to get back with Zakk Wylde and Rex Brown for some Pantera reunion shows, he would do it.

“Well, Zakk is a busy man … We spoke about it maybe one time,” Anselmo said told Chile's Humo Negro. “If everything was lined up, I would do it, sure."

He added, “I’m open for anything. And Rex and I, we are in touch and we talk. We’re friends and everything’s cool. So, I keep an open mind, I keep an open mind. We’ll see in the future.”

Watch the video interview below. Metal on!

XO -Anne Erickson

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