Tenacious D Party With Foo Fighters In Colombia: Watch

A few weeks ago, Foo Fighters, Tenacious D, and Weezer all traveled to South America to play a string of show together, and if that's not epic enough on it's own — they all hung out together, too.

For Jack Black's latest Jablinski Games video, he shared a behind the scenes look at their recent trip to Bogota, Colombia (a trip that almost didn't happen). The clip begins with the band being refused entry into the country because they hadn't been vaccinated for yellow fever, but they somehow worked their magic and got in. During their stay, Black and Kyle Gass treated a small local bar to an impromptu show and created possibly the best workout video of all time; however, the real highlight was when they joined the other bands for a game of tejo, which Black describes perfectly.

"You throw heavy metal discs across the room into a pile of gunpowder. Kablamo!" he says. "And then you drink a cerveza.”

Though we don't see much of Weezer, Dave Grohl is up to his normal shenanigans, cussing up a storm and yelling every chance he gets.

“Come on, Weezer’s winning. LET’S GO!” he says at one point during the tournament. It must've worked because Black later declares The Foos tournament winners.

It's all ridiculous and highly entertaining. If you have time, we strongly suggest watching the full 21-minute-long tour diary, but the tejo tournament starts around the 10:45 mark. Watch the video below.

Photo: Getty Images

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