Sebastian Bach Beefing With Chris Jericho

Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach definitely has too much time on his hands as he continues to go after Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho.

It all started when Bach said Jericho lip syncs in concert.

Jericho naturally disputed that claim saying, "I've never mimed anything ever! I will sing in your face anytime, anyplace dude. I've been a fan & a defender of u since day one... But don't u ever question my rock abilities!"

Bach couldn't keep his mouth shut and told the wrestler that, "Wrestling is not rock and roll. I will show you rock and roll."

Then, on Saturday during his Saturday Night Special YouTube show, Jericho sang the chorus to Skid Row's "Youth Gone Wild."

Bach followed up by badgering Jericho with nasty text messages, but Jericho didn't respond. Bach then posted a photo of his text messages, but has since taken it down.