Mott's Ian Hunter Dealing With Tinnitus And Pandemic

Ian Hunter is not only, like the rest of us, having to deal with the pandemic, but he's also working through tinnitus with the help of Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott, and their shared manager, Mike Kobayashi.

Writing on his website, Ian says, "I’ve tried a lot of stuff, taken a lot of stuff – and it’s improved somewhat, but there’s no logic and no answers. As far a [performing] live goes, Joe Elliott and Mike say they’ll sort it out ear wise. They know stuff I don’t know.

"Really, I should have used in-ear monitors years ago, but I didn’t – my fault. You get used to it, but sometimes it flares up for no particular reason. The rest of me is fine. Certainly have had enough tests..."

Hunter, who turned 81 in June, had to postpone a Mott the Hoople reunion tour last year due to the tinnitus.

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