'Jeopardy!' Clues Seemingly Predict Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck's Reunion

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's reunion is still making headlines and Twitter is convinced that Jeopardy! predicted the reconciliation.

On Friday (May 14), the chart-topper, 51, and actor, 48, were the focus of one of the questions. "As a couple, they were known as 'Bennifer,'" the prompt read. Additionally, the episode featured a Double Jeopardy round, where an entire category was dedicated to Montana, the location where the stars spent time together this month. Jeopardy! episodes are filmed in advance, so it had fans making note of the coincidental timing of the air date and the pair's Montana getaway.

The reunion between Lopez and Affleck, who were engaged from 2002 to 2004, comes after the former’s split from fiancé Alex Rodriguez, which was announced on April 15. Neither of the stars has come forward to speak about their rekindled romance, but in the meantime, Twitter is up in arms about Jeopardy! manifesting Bennifer into 2021 and we can get behind that kind of energy!

Photo: Getty Images