Busker Has Best Reaction After Being Accused Of Faking Guitar Solo

A busker has shared what kind of treatment he has to endure while busking in Vancouver, BC in a YouTube Video. The clip, which has gone viral, sees the musician shredding a guitar solo on the city streets when a man comes up to him and, after watching for a few minutes, accuses him of playing air guitar.

“You’re not doing that,” the observer says. The busker looks at him and continues to play so he yells it louder. When the guitarist still doesn't react, the man, who's clearly suffering from a mental illness, says it again, more aggressively (and with an expletive thrown in).

The busker responds, “Of course I am.” After showing him that there’s no music unless he’s playing his guitar, he adds, “You think I’d be out here faking this?”

The stranger continues observing then slowly reaches his hand out to touch the guitar strings. The busker lets him and his eyes light up. “You are doing that guitar. You’re doing the whole song!” he exclaims.

In the YouTube description, the musician explains he "was able to defuse the situation by letting him touch the guitar, which I normally would never allow for anyone, even those offering money."

Watch the whole encounter above.

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